Gateway to Excellence

Hosted by the Olin School of Business at Washington University St. Louis, Missouri Friday, November 3, 2006 and Saturday, November 4, 2006The 2006 National Association of Women MBAs Conference is designed to be the gateway by which MBA women from across the country will enter to discover their personal definition of excellence and success. Framed by the natural beauty of St. Louis and its historical significance as the “Gateway to the West”, Olin Business School is proud to host this year’s conference and offer a gathering place for speakers, panelists, recruiters, and attendees to share their experiences and create valuable relationships. In increasing numbers, more women are graduating from business schools and gaining visibility in the top most ranks of corporate America or creating their own businesses. As women, these emerging female business leaders strive to create excellence in all areas of their lives and often face tradeoffs between seemingly conflicting life goals – starting and taking care of a family, achieving professional advancement, developing meaningful relationships, and contributing talents and skills to their surrounding community. In the spirit of Lewis and Clark, this year’s conference is about discovering the multitude of opportunities for success that exist for women MBAs. Top companies from a wide spectrum of industries will be recruiting talented women to fill leadership positions. Experienced women business leaders will share their personal experiences on their own exploration of corporate and entrepreneurial terrains and how they mapped out their definition of success. The 2006 NAWMBA conference will offer a panorama of opportunities and points of view to help the attendee to define for herself her own definition of excellence and success.